Polity Is Now Available

August 29, 2012 in Church, Ministry, Pastors, Quotes


Polity is a collection of ten Baptist works on church life from the seventeenth through the nineteenth centuries that Mark Dever pulled into one volume about a twelve years ago. It is a biblical reflection on topics like church membership and discipline.

The compilation leads off with the following quote  by John Leadley Dagg

Church order and the ceremonial of religion,
are less important than a new heart;
and in the view of some,
any laborious investigation of questions
respecting them may appear to be needless and unprofitable.
But we know,
from the Holy Scriptures,
that Christ gave commands on these subjects,
and we cannot refuse to obey.
Love prompts our obedience;
and love prompts also the search which may be necessary
to ascertain his will.
Let us, therefore, prosecute the investigations which are before us,
with a fervent prayer,
that the Holy Spirit,
who guides into all truth,
may assist us to learn the will of him whom we
supremely love and adore.

The .PDF version is available for FREE here.  Take some time and give yourself a little reminder of what and why we do what we do. Excellent Read!