Review: When Ministry is Magical

August 27, 2012 in Church, Music, Praise/Worship Teams

I don’t do alot of reviews.  Actually I never do reviews mostly because my opinion is just that; one opinion. However, I am moved to say a few words regarding the newly released CD by Anthony Brown and Group TherAPy.

Anthony Brown Group TherAPy

The first words I would use are “GET IT!”  The entire project is really amazing.  Literally the first notes of the first song moved me so, that I had to stop it and go back to the beginning while being only 10 seconds in.

And it just got better, the harmonies are just ridiculous ( in a good way:) the music is crazy but this project really just connected with me.

I can be a little over the top, dare I say dramatic but Brown’s arrangements opened up scripture to me as has not happened in a long time.  Listening to the words of Psalms 88 Father I stretch my hand to Thee… as arranged on this project brought me to my knees.

Get the project! And I do hope that Brown takes the suggestion of the masses and takes the release concert on the road, there are masses that will be blessed by this ministry.  And yes folks, THIS is Ministry at its fullest.