Are You an Influencer?

September 29, 2012 in Church, Ministry, Social Media, Technology

“Are you an influencer?”  is a remarkably powerful phrase implemented in a marketing campaign by a dear friend of mine several years ago.  To say the phrase was impactful at the time is an understatement. It was iconic.

Flash forward a few years and we find ourselves in a position where we are not consumed with advertising or even marketing any longer now its all about Branding and Influence.

What’s the difference?  Phil Cooke says this:

“Marketing is pitching your message to the customer, donor, or audience.  Although you can certainly target based on demographics, geography, income levels, and more, it’s still more about you than about them.  In other words, traditional marketing is about what you want someone else to do – as in “buy my product,” “attend my church,” “watch my movie,” etc.

Influencing on the other hand has the customer, donor, or audience in mind as the first priority.  What can my product do for them?  Beyond simply selling a product, how can my marketing message educate, inform, or inspire them?

If your organization is using social media as an organization you have the opportunity to influence others with all you proclaim to have within your organization.  All those wonderful resources can be put to use. You have a 24 hours 7 day a week audience that can reap the information you sow at their leisure.  They can devour it, save it and share it all with the click o a button and have the platform to ask you directly for MORE! .

You ARE an Influencer.  It’s up to you to walk in that and spread your sphere of influence amongst those you are able to reach.

Are You Marketing or Influencing? « Phil Cooke.

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