Church Branding: Are you Clear?

September 12, 2012 in Church, Ministry, Social Media, Technology

Branding is often misunderstood. Take a trendy logo, slap it onto a website, business cards and maybe a few pens and you have a brand. Right? Wrong! Branding is the ongoing, intentional process to educate your audience about who you are and invite people to interact with you.” -Eric Dye

Branding is not a new term, however it is the buzz word of today.  Advertising and to an extent Marketing as words that really reflect yesterday’s thinking. This article over at Church Mag is a fantastic introduction and explanation of Branding and how it effects your church in today’s society.

The author explains the face or Brand of your church is the church’s website. I can attest to the feeling I get when I visit a church’s website.  First there is the search for the URL.  I should be able to find your church easily if I have the name, city and/or your pastor’s name. If an article about your pastor comes up in the search results before the church website, I would say there is some work that needs to be done.  Never forget: Your pastor’s brand and your church’s brand are two separate things and both need to be nurtured appropriately.

This entire article will help the break down how to begin getting a handle on the brand of your church.  Take a read!

Branding Your Church Like a President.



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