Crisis Public Relations for Churches

September 11, 2012 in Church, Ministry, Pastors, Uncategorized

Fantastic podcast by Phil Cook on Crisis management and how churches need to understand how their reaction to a negative event can be managed.  There is no way to completely steer clear of every type of negative instance, remember we are dealing with people who are imperfect living in an imperfect world. Things will happen and I personally feel that we need to give the public and our church members a little more credit.  This post makes me think of the fantastic work public relations professional perform and how they can be a valuable asset both at the time of crisis but even more so as a preventive asset before you find yourself needing to react to any type of scandal.  One such professional extremely skilled at working on behalf of churches and faith based organizations is Monica G.  Wood of MWPR, INC headquartered in Charlotte, NC. Follow her on Twitter for incredible PR tips here (@MWPRINCight )

Watch Phil Cooke by clicking the link below.

Episode 23: Crisis Public Relations: What Happens When Things Go Wrong « Phil Cooke.

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