Does Your Church Have An App?

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SO apps are all the rage!  Many of them are cool, others, not so much but the reality is they are all around us.  As churches across the globe are looking to understand how they can safely integrate social media and advanced technologies into their ministries iGivings is showing the way.

What better way to service your members than with an app your organization creates for them. Who knows your congregation better than you do. Whatever your hot buttons are, whatever it is your congregation responds to can all be implemented in your app.  Take a read of the article below and get a feel for how Gateway Church in Southlake, Texas created an app for their church that does the following:

  • Sermon Streaming and Archive
    Anyone, anywhere has Gateway Church sermons right in his or her pocket; users can watch sermons live or view archived sermons from anywhere in the world.
  • Interactive Sermon Notes
    This unique tool offers users the ability to take their own sermon notes, leave comments on sermons or even save their notes. One click takes users directly to referenced verses in the app’s Bible. Experience the fastest way to follow along with your pastor and stop getting lost in his message because you were too busy flipping through pages.
  • Interactive Prayer Wall
    Now every user can share prayer requests and praises from their phone, join with prayer teams, create prayer lists with reminders, and see and interact with others who are praying for them—a powerful tool for building church community.
  • 2-Clicks Mobile Giving
    Patent pending on this first mobile giving app. No linking to a second site: Users just quickly, easily and securely select an amount and click to donate. (Note: 64 percent of donors prefer to use technology to do it.)
  • Teachings
    This unique and innovative feature lets users easily find the specific teachings they want on their phone. Users search by categories such as Length, Date, Scripture, Keyword, Author, Series and more. This feature puts any of Gateway’s teachings in the palm of a user’s hand.
  • Also!
    Calendars, Groups, Bible Studies, Devotionals, Blogs, News, Ministries, Service Times and Locations, Push Notifications, and more.

iGivings Launches An Awesome Mobile App | ChurchMag.

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