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September 21, 2012 in Church, Ministry, Social Media, Technology

I do hope the folks over at Seventy8 Productions will forgive my posting this article almost verbatim but it’s something you really need to take a look at and make use of as your organizations enter this social media fray.


This week we are giving you guys some great, exclusive, fan-only tools to do social media better within your ministry on our Facebook page. You can download them here and look for more resources to come over the next few days and weeks to come.

It is one thing to have a really good social media strategy for your strategy that you reference some of the time and try to arrange how you do ministry online and a whole other idea of reevaluating and reassessing your strategy as things change for the better. Unfortunately there are almost no social media assessments out there.


What we have to offer is not the best out there for particularly large churches, but it is perfect for ministries that are willing to change directions with their strategy. This reassessment is best done when you have accountability so that you can be challenged to push further and harder for your ministry. Either way, reassessment is generally ignored but the necessity for long-term development.


Do the social media ministry strategy, give it three months of playing out, and then do the reassessment. As you find out what works and does not work, your bound to grow in your online presence and efficiency.

[Free] Social Media Ministry Assessment | seventy8 Productions.

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