The NINES: Church Leaders Have You Heard?

September 24, 2012 in Church, Current Events, Pastors

OK Here’s the skinny. Pay attention and act fast.

99 speakers

5 minutes each

2 days

Free to you!

Yes!!!! The Nines is set to rock and roll on October 25 and 26.  This completely online, completely free conference will host 99 speakers each given five minutes to concisely articulate their topic. This is the handiwork of Leadership Network.

I am over the moon on this one!  (If I could locate a promo code for the transcript, I would be ON the Moon!  we’ll see how that goes…)

The Speakers confirmed to date are:

Jorge Acevedo,  Geronimo Aguilar,  Dick Alexander , Tyrone Barnette, Mark Batterson, Laurie Beshore, John Bishop, Brian Bloye, Mike Bonem, Brady Boyd,
Eric Bramlett, Pete Briscoe, Aaron Brockett, Dave Browning, Dale Burke, John Burke, Dave Carder, Bryan Carter, Matt Carter, Rafael Castillo, Chuck Chadwick, Francis Chan, Sam Chand, George Cladis, Gerald Coats, Neil Cole, Phil Cooke, Wayne Corderio, Bil Cornelius, John Coulombe, Roy Crowne, Andy Crouch, Ben Dailey, Dharius Daniels, Anthony Delaney, Mark Driscoll, Michael Duduit, Chris Elrod, Jonathan Falwell, Gregg Farah, Naeem Fazal, Margaret Feinberg, Jon Ferguson, Dave Ferguson, Matt Fry, Wes Furlong, Steven Furtick, Eric Geiger, Carl George, Dave Gibbons, Mike Glenn, Troy Gramling, JD Greear, Craig Groeschel, Chad Hall, Matt Hannan, Amy Hanson, Kevin Harney, Brandon Hatmaker, Andy Hawthorne, Noel Heikkinen, Chip Henderson, Shane Hipps, Pete Hise, Scott Hodge, Greg Holder, Devin Hudson, Chad Hunt, Tara Jenkins, Shunna Jones-Moreno, Dennis Keating, Patrick Kelley, Tammy Kelley,
Dan Kimball, Laura Koke, Mac Lake, Greg Lee, Scott Lehr, Brad Lomenick, Shawn Lovejoy, Will Mancini, Andrew Marin, Andrew McCourt, David McGee
Andy McQuitty, Kem Meyer, Jorge Molina, Daniel Montgomery, Greg Nettle,
Carey Nieuwhof, Perry Noble, Shannon O’Dell, Dan Ohlerking, Larry Osborne,
Darrin Patrick, Jim Powell, Brad Powell, Bob Roberts, Tina Rowe, Rick Rusaw,
Kyle Searcy, Paul Scanlon, Jim Sheppard, Danielle Shroyer, Toby Slough, Stacy Spencer, Matt Steen, Ed Stetzer, Steve Stroope, ND Struper, Greg Surratt, Chip Sweney, Brian Tome, Elmer Towns, Sebastiaan van Wessem, Joel Virgo, Rick Warren, Bruce Wesley, Chris Willard, Matt Williams, Scott Williams, Matt Wilson, Scott Wilson, Cindy Winters

The NINES 2012 – Free Online Leadership Conference for Church Leaders.

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