Using YouTube For Ministry

September 14, 2012 in Church, Current Events, Social Media, Technology

This will really get you thinking and I LOVE  it when we start to think.  More and more churches and other faith based organizations need to embrace the opportunity to use available, low cost technology for its “best use” as that pertains to your specific ministry.

YouTube may be known for music videos and the like, but it’s a fantastically powerful vehicle that can catapult your reach and aid in your communication. Whether you use it to reach your community, or intra-ministry for teaching or conveying information like weekly announcements. The way your ministry can adapt its features is virtually endless.

The video below gives 12 suggestions to get you started. How are you using You Tube in your ministry? Sean Cannell  is really a You Tube genius.  He is the go-to guru when it comes to maximizing YouTube in Ministry and can be found working his magic at Check him out!!

My guess is with the new iOS6 release this week,  which is said to unleash the power of You Tube to greater levels, this platform will become even more relevant in every church ministry.

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