When Your Ministry Becomes Your Career

September 4, 2012 in Church, Ministry

I love that confirmation can come in more forms than I will ever realize, some subtle and others blatant. The following post (seemingly of a post of an excerpt of a book…that made me laugh!) is just another personal confirmation for me.

When I started my first company I specifically felt the need to focus on the production of weddings only.  This was later followed by a firm that handled everything other than weddings.  I felt a wedding needed a special touch that other events didn’t require. The name for that first company is holy matrimony. The slogan for that company is “We believe in marriages, not just weddings”. Both clearly spoke to who I was, what I was about and how I approached my business.

Twelve years later, I have been blessed to travel the globe at clients’ request and design spectacular events.  I have been featured in multitudes of press and even starred in a television show.

From the start for me, it was always about more than a business and about more than money.  At seemingly the height of my success I felt a tug to take those talents, focus them on another niche and allow God to do what He had purposed.

It was and is an odd transition in many ways.  Growing this business is no easier than the first, though my target market is filled with familiar faces and I “know what I’m doing” this time around. It’s always interesting to me the reactions received when your primary goal, target or market is about God and His church. I often want to say…

“Hello, I can serve Christ full time without stuffing my beliefs down your throat. I can be business savvy and professional and I am not going to break out into a shout and run around your office, just because my business is faith based.”

Have you struggled with your “career” becoming your ministry or your “ministry” becoming your career? For me streamlining my life and not having a “work life” and a “church life” is extremely liberating.

This all brings me to the following quote by Ed Cyzewski I ran across at The High Calling. The following paragraph is a quote pulled from “Hazardous: Committing to the Cost of Following Jesus” by Ed Cyzewski and Derek Cooper.

Jesus calls some disciples into work that is full-time ministry, while He turns the work of some into full-time ministry that is shaped by the values of His kingdom. It’s not like Jesus has a stopwatch where we all need to dedicate a certain amount of time to a specific kind of ministry. Some of us will serve Him in our free time, others will serve Him through work, others will serve Him as missionaries, and many more will find their calling as full-time parents. Whatever we end up doing, how we use our time falls under the rule of Jesus. Disciples are not supposed to work or to spend leisure time like the rest of the world. Disciples have the privilege of joining God in His redemptive work where everything is made new under the influence of God’s Spirit.

Download a sample chapter of “Hazardous” here!

Discipleship in the Public Domain of Work | The High Calling.

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