Avoiding Church Volunteer Burnout

November 15, 2012 in Church, Ministry

This is a HUGE area for me.  The church is heavily dependent upon its large volunteer base to execute ministry. And while the vast majority of churches are cognizant of this the ways in which volunteers are acknowledged is sometimes lacking.

It is wonderful to host a recognition day for volunteers, but if they are too overworked to attend, it’s for naught. Looking at the regular maintenance of your volunteers, the work environment provided for them and the resources available to them is really what’s crucial.

I dedicated a chapter in my book Divine Logistics about this very topic, and here is an other really terrific article about the same subject at ChurchTechToday.com head over the read the entire article.  Meanwhile here are some fantastic highlights:

3 Common Causes of Church Volunteer Burnout

  1. High expectations
  2. Lack of support from the church leader overseeing the volunteer
  3. Poor self-management by the volunteer

8 Actions Your Church Can Take

  1. Try to know your church volunteers personality.
  2. Keep the lines of communication open.
  3. Make sure volunteers know they can say “no” if they are feeling overextended or overwhelmed.
  4. Make sure the work environment isn’t too demanding.
  5. Match the right person with the right job.
  6. Provide services to help with emotional burden.
  7. Acknowledge their work to keep them inspired.
  8. Be prepared to make changes as you evaluate the circumstances.

Church Volunteer Burnout.

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