Ramp Up Your Church Announcements

November 6, 2012 in Church, Ministry, Technology

It’s my personal opinion that first impression really does go a long way.  Good or Bad. I understand the importance of church announcements, though I will be the first to admit that when they run long, my ADD kicks in.  Worse yet is to try and follow them from someone whose forte is not public speaking…

My home church has done what I believe to be a really good job of communicating announcements in a clear concise manner via the screens in the church as seen here. They are pre-taped and information is gathered in advance. Information is spoken and key information is written so congregants can make accurate note of dates, times, locations and contact information.

There are many ministries out there though that may say they don’t have the equipment, manpower or technical savvy to create an  production like this on a weekly basis….well you are in luck!

VideoAnnouncements.tv can now create your church announcements for you with the anchor of your choosing.  Professionally executed and delivered in a format to be used with your existing technology.  For $299.00 per month you can amp up the image of your church and keep your members engaged so that can receive and retain valuable information.  Take a look at what they are doing!!

Take Your Church Communication To The Next Level!!! | Ragamuffin Soul.

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