Should Your Church Offer Online Giving?

November 8, 2012 in Church, Ministry, Technology

Quite an interesting question.  Many ministries are up and running with online giving and others are adamantly opposed to opening this door.

came across a pretty great article by Kenneth Shaffer of Church Relevance on the topic that might help your ministry make a decision that could prove very beneficial to the life and growth of your church.

My own personal thought that I would add to the points given by Mr. Shaffer relates to credit card use. With today’s technology options use of a credit card is not absolutely necessary to facilitate online giving.  Your  members can utilize many different options to include debit cards, Paypal and institutional options for moving funds from one place to another online. Education seems key here, its not about creating debt in order to support an online giving program.  I think that’s a big misnomer.

The article makes great points on the alleviation of human error, the capturing of a younger audience that is accustomed to making online purchases and using online bill pay in their everyday lives and ultimately saving both time and money.

Perhaps i am just a fan of the concept, but I think it makes giving to your church easier for those who may not be members.  I just think about how many people are blessed by ministries world wide via their television and online broadcasts as well as by other forms of media like books, CD‘s and tapes.  Online giving allows THOSE supporters to be a financial blessing while it is laid on their heart to so.

Ultimately each church will do what is right for them.  I encourage anyone on the fence or needing additional information to get the FREE ebook created to answer your questions on the subject.  You can find that here.

3 Reasons Churches Should Offer Online Giving –

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