1-A-Chord A mobile app for Church Choirs!!

December 28, 2012 in Choirs, Church, Current Events, Ministry, Music, Praise/Worship Teams, Technology

We’ve been really hard at work for the last few months and I am overjoyed to finally be able to share some details.

We  have developed a wonderful new tool for every ministry of music in every church or faith based organization around.  The 1-a-Chord music app is the perfect mobile app for any choir member, musician, worship leader or praise team member.


It’s no secret that the melding of the creative personality of the musician with the logical personality of many of our choir members can be a challenge.   The musician is looking for technique, vocal mastery, cohesion, dynamics and emotion.  While many of our members are looking for rehearsal times, dates and locations; attire instructions, and the words to the songs being sung.

Both sides have a valid point and valid needs but they don’t always meld so well.   We know the show must go on and go on it does every Sunday at every service at every Church in the world.  As you all know understanding how we can better execute ministry is a passion of mine and this one stuck in my craw as I personally have attended very trying rehearsals attempting to learn music that was provided last minute with conflicting lyrics, and finding out about engagements too late to budget appropriately for new attire etc.etc. etc.  I have also been at rehearsals where the flow of worship is broken by someone needing words or having a melody go nowhere because there is no emotion behind it because singers are so focused on learning the mechanics of it, they are unable to minister it appropriately.

And Voila the app was birthed.  The app is a fantastic communication tool that allows the ministry administrator to push all sorts of information to the smartphone of each choir or band member.  Lyrics, Vocal parts ( audio), video, calendar dates, engagements, attire, devotionals, leadership contact information, social media and many other customizable modules. We took the time to beta test the app out with a group of musician both singers and band members and the feedback was great.

Each app is customized for the church or organization using it and can be further customized for each individual choir or band within a church’s music ministry.  This will allow children’s choir parents to stay  updated with information and let the Young Adult Choir utilize social media.  It will allow the Worship or Praise team to  have access to every choirs music selections without every choir having to scroll through another choir’s selections. All in one application that operates on iOs ( iPhone and iPad) Android and Windows platforms.

The app also has a PUSH notification feature that will allow up to the minute updates straight to user smartphones. This is great when the Pastor wants to add or change a hymn in between services, the notification will give everyone a heads up.The features are many and we are so excited to be launching the product.

The website is LIVE be sure to check it!  And we would love your support. We have initiated a project on Kickstarter for the national launch event of the product.  Please visit the site for more information and PLEASE let everyone you know, know about the Launch Project.

You’re going to be hearing a lot about this!!!

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