Ever Considered Online Vocal Training?

December 22, 2012 in Choirs, Church, Ministry, Music, Praise/Worship Teams

Honing a craft is hard work and takes diligence.  Those who sing and I mean really sing recognize that a mass rehearsal is not intended to bring mastery to YOUR voice, but rather mastery to the overall project you are rehearsing or working on.  Individual study is the time to develop your own gift or talent and better learn how to use and protect your instrument.

Every choir or team will have a set of names they banter about as the GO TO people for instruction and normally referrals are the way to go because one is able to see first hand the results achieved working with said instructor.

But have you ever given thought to having these lessons conducted by an instructor: On Line?  A friend of mine in Texas is actively administering vocal technique training online at The Music Ministry Coach.com.  I have recently seen others who are marketing the instruction of vocal technique and even Worship leading technique via the Internet over at Worship Team Training. com.

It allowed me to ponder the subject a little bit.  What are your thoughts?Have you taken advantage of accessing the talents of a vocal coach online?  Would you consider it?  ( If so definitely head over to Ron Cross’ site as he has some great holiday specials currently running.)

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