Stop Thinking “Can I?” and Start Thinking “HOW Can I?”

December 26, 2012 in Church

Your skepticism, which you presume is based on rational thinking and an objective assessment of factual data about yourself, is rooted in mental junk. Your doubts are not the product of accurate thinking, but habitual thinking. Years ago you accepted flawed conclusions as correct, began to live your life as if those warped ideas about your potential were true, and ceased the bold experiment in living that brought you many breakthrough behaviors as a child. Now it’s time for you to find that faith you had in yourself before.

Price Pritchett- You.


John Maxwell is such a genius and we know this, but I marvel at how he is still able to blow my mind with the reminder of who are are and who we are meant to be.   After reading this article it really amazed me how in raising our children we instill so many boundaries and barriers to their thinking in the hopes of protecting them.  Oh if only we could learn to teach others how to Think and Measure before making a decision and how to See and Test and Opportunity.  Better yet how to temper our own innate thinking that struggles to make it to the surface so that we can live the life meant for us and not necessarily crash and burn  at every turn.

We will have failures, but perhaps, they wouldn’t crush us and scare us from wanting to try again. It’s so difficult to reprogram our thinking but we must,   Absolutely Must do so.  we marvel at technology and while its neat, there is more to it than that.  Every new gadget and widget helps to answer the HOW in all of those things we have been designed to do but we nitpick and naysay until someone else has done what we know we should have been done and then rather than support we pick their efforts apart as well and say how much better we probably would’ve could’ve or should’ve done it.

But I digress, this was not meant to be a rant session, just a heads up to a fantastic article that I pray will inspire you to task yourself with the quesiton…. HOW CAN I….


Stop Thinking “Can I?” and Start Thinking “HOW Can I?” | John Maxwell on Leadership.

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