The Book

Divine Logistics:
A real world guide to getting past the titles and onto the work of executing exemplary ministry.

Does your ministry seek to streamline the way current services and events are managed or work more effectively with a large pool of volunteers?

Is your ministry looking to develop new or rejuvenate existing ministries to provide a better experience for your congregation?

Divine Logistics is a source guide for all of the above. Taking an in depth look into the better execution of ministry. Crossing the T’s and dotting the I’s does make a difference when seeking to elevate and heighten the ministry experience.

Journey with international event planner and ministry management expert Vicky Johnson into the world of faith based event management. Now is the time to get past the titles and onto  work of executing exemplary ministry.

Divine Logistics bridges the gap between a society that believes everything operates on the principle of “bigger, better, faster” and The Church
that seeks to guide them to the God that always remains the same.

Coming Soon!!:  The Divine Logistics Companion Workbook

$14.95 + shipping

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