Ever Feel Like The Minority?

February 13, 2013 in Church, Current Events, Ministry, Music

As I prepare to head out for yet another road trip, this one has left me with a feeling that for a good while I was unable to pinpoint. I’m […]

1-A-Chord Mobile Music App Gears for Launch

February 2, 2013 in Choirs, Church, Music, Technology

Forging ahead with the national launch of our newest entity and I am humbled by the process.  Launching a product is really more than a notion and I am grateful […]

Martha Munizzi’s Epic Worship School of Ministry

November 13, 2012 in Church, Current Events, Ministry

Martha Munizzi has launched the Epic Worship School of Ministry in Orlando, FL.  n interesting curriculum incorporating weekly classes, monthly worship nights, and annual conference participation.  In addition to class […]

Overcoming The “Yes” to Ministry…

September 6, 2012 in Church, Ministry

Many many many leaders get to a point where they can take no more and are often given the advice to “learn how to say No to some things”.  I […]

What to do when the Passion declines…

August 27, 2012 in Church, Ministry

Ministry work, while fulfilling, can take its toll over time.  We work so fervently for the Lord and don’t take the time to take care of ourselves.  Taking care of […]

It Can All Be So Simple

August 17, 2012 in Church, Ministry

Came across the most beautiful post at 9 Marks We schedule and attend meetings and conference and seminars and trainings.  We rehearse and tweak and update…. Yes it is necessary […]

Have you lost your … Reverence?

August 17, 2012 in Church, Ministry

This should stop you in your tracks.  From the words of Pastor Steve Furtick One of the greatest threats to the things we love is the curse of familiarity. When […]